Madu Tiga (1964)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 40m

Best Comedy in the 11th Asian Film Festival in Taipei (1964)

MADU TIGA is a production of yet another of P Ramlee’s romantic comedy. The story revolves around the hilarious chronicles of a man who takes on a second and subsequently of another third wife and the events surrounding the three marriages.
Jamil and Latifah have been married for twelve years with no children as Latifah is barren, and Jamil feels that she is neglecting him. He decides to marry another woman, Hasnah, without Latifah’s knowledge.
When Latifah learns about the marriage through a friend, Hasnah and Latifah get into a fight and Jamil flees in fear, not returning to either of his wives for three days and nights.
Jamil and his father-in-law come up with a plan to make amends with the two wives. After a series of lies and faked injuries, Jamil is reconciled with both. Jamil returns to work and while he was on his rounds collecting house rents, he visited an old man, Pak Ali, who still owes him outstanding fees. He meets Pak Ali’s daughter, Rohani, and is enchanted. Jamil decides to pursue Rohani and asks her to marry him. The pair wed, and Jamil moves Rohani and her father into a luxurious house on the beach.
When things get more chaotic and amusing after the three wives started befriending each other, will Jamil resort to more lies and drama to sustain all relationships without the other knowing?

“Butang baju aku mana Pah?”- dialogue by P Ramlee


P Ramlee



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