Labu Dan Labi (1962)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 40m

LABU DAN LABI is a 1962 comedy directed and starred P Ramlee, revolving around the antics of two servants.
They work for a wealthy but miserly man, Haji Bakhil bin Haji Kedekut, his forbearing wife and beautiful daughter. Labu and Labi are sometimes clumsy that they are occasionally scolded and punished. Still, they continued to persevere, as both are secretly in love with their employer’s daughter, Manisah.
One night, as the pair are about to call it day, preparing to sleep at the verandah of Haji Bakhil’s house, they started dreaming up stories of make-believe just to amuse each other…
From the 1st imaginary Night Club scene to the 2nd dream sequence of The Malay Tarzan right to the 3rd fantasy of The Wild West, the pair managed to dream up scenarios where they get to experience their respective fantasies. However, the pair would somehow end up getting into a fight at the end each scenario, where they will always get yelled at by Haji Bakhil ordering them back to sleep.
With all the make-believe scenarios that Labu and Labi went through within the same night, it is of no surprise when one of the pair got so caught up in his dream that he does not realise that he is already back in the “real world”. By now, Haji Bakhil, having his sleep continually disrupted is enraged and ordered them to perform the traditional school punishment

“Sekali aku lesing!”- dialogue by Udo Omar


P Ramlee



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