Ibu Mertua-Ku (1962)

  • Drama
  • 1h 50m

This film which successfully garnered P Ramlee with “Most Versatile Talent” award, from 10th Asian Pacific Film Festival was produced in 1962.

IBU MERTUA-KU is a melodrama film directed and starring P Ramlee himself. It tells a story of a cruel and self-centred mother in law, Nyonya Mansoor.
The films begins with a love story between the daughter of a wealthy matriarch, Sabariah and a small time musician, Kassim Selamat. Nyonya Mansoor, being status and class conscious, deplores musicians. She wishes for Sabariah to marry Dr Ismadi who is of her choice. However, when Sabariah chose Kassim Selamat as her partner, Nyonya Mansoor arranges for a quick marriage ceremony for the pair and casts them out of the house.
They moved to Penang to start a new life, forcing Kassim Selamat to earn a living as a labourer to please Sabariah. They soon transitioned into a life of poverty until a pregnant Sabariah eventually reaches out to her mother for help. With an evil agenda of her own, Nyonya Mansoor deliberately takes advantage of their vulnerable state. She promised Kassim Selamat that Sabariah will return after her safe delivery, instead she sent a telegram and lied to Kassim Selamat that Sabariah had died during childbirth. Out of sorrow, Kassim Selamat’s endless crying, rendered him completely blind.
Nyonya Mansoor’s devious plans to separate Kassim Selamat and Sabariah, ultimately ended in tragic consequence for everyone involved.

“Kassim Selamat? Siapa dia Kassim Selamat? Lawyer? Magistrate?” – dialogue by Mak Dara

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