Antara Dua Darjat (1960)

  • Drama, Romance
  • 2h 10m

ANTARA DUA DARJAT, a 1960 melodrama, is a story between a rich aristocratic girl and a poor musician boy who fell in love but are forcefully torn apart only to be reunited through tragedy again.
Ghazali, a local musician, and his friends came to the rescue of Tengku Zaleha when her car got stuck in the mud during a downpour. She invited him and his friends to perform on her birthday at Anggerik Villa, thereafter, requested for permission from her strict father to take up piano lessons from Ghazali just to give her a chance to meet him everyday. Their relationship became so close that her movements were monitored and controlled by her father and brother.
One night, when Tengku Zaleha’s father and brother found out that she and Ghazali were together, they were violently separated with Ghazali beaten by several men till he fainted. In the meantime, Tengku Zaleha was declared “dead” to Ghazali’s friends but infact she was brought back to Singapore and forced to marry Tengku Mukri.
Few years later, she and Tengku Mukri went back to Anggerik Villa and Ghazali just couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her as he thought she had “died”. Will Ghazali re-affirm that whom he saw is Tengku Zaleha who is now already married and rekindle their love? Will Tengku Mukri be able to accept the fact that a commoner like Ghazali is in love with his wife who is of royal lineage?

“Irama dan lagu tak boleh dipisahkan. Kalau dipisahkan, pincanglah lagu, rosaklah seni” - dialogue by P Ramlee


P Ramlee



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