3 Days 2 Nights (3天2夜) (2018)

  • Drama
  • 1h 20m

The 21st Taipei Film Festival: Best Screenplay


After receiving the apples sent by her mother, Xiaoyue realises that her mum has been working away from home for a long time. Her mum’s lullaby constantly plays in her mind.

Xiaoyue, just entering puberty, is from a new immigrant family from Vietnam. She is laughed at and bullied by her schoolmates because of her elderly father who makes a living as a scavenger.

Faced with her retirement, Ms Chen is in a dilemma juggling school and family responsibilities. The after-school tutorial class in the community is the last remaining place for her to care for her students. Her class is also the last straw for Xiaoyue and her friend Biyan who are living on the edge.

The rebellious Biyan has always stood up for Xiaoyue. She plans a three-day journey with Xiaoyue to see their mothers.


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