Shakuhachi.One Sound One Life (尺八·一声一世) (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 28m

Shakuhachi is a tubular instrument made of bamboo. It is named after the length of the pipe, one chi and eight cun. Shakuhachi originated in Tang Dynasty, China.

During the Southern Song Dynasty, it was brought to Japan by the Japanese monk Shinchi Kakushin after studying Buddhism at the Huguo Renwang Temple in Hangzhou. Now it has become a representative of Japanese pop culture.

However, Shakuhachi gradually died out in China. It was not until the end of the 20th century that Shakuhachi returned to the vision of the Chinese because of cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Japanese people.

This film records the lives of Shakuhachi players, makers, and learners in China, Japan, and the United States, to witness the people devoted to the career of Shakuhachi. Through their experiences and reflections in different stages, it reflects the plight and hopes of the ancient Shakuhachi in the present as well as everyone’s knowledge and perception of life and the world.



English and Chinese Subtitles 中英字幕

#SCFF2020’s special Q&A session on 10 Oct (Saturday) 11:00am!

**You get to meet Shakuhachi.One Sound One Life 尺八·一声一世 Director Helen Qin 聿馨!

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Helen Qin 聿馨


Mandarin, English, Japanese

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