Radio! Ready Oh! 阳光电台不打烊 (2020)

  • Comedy
  • 1h 35m

In Mandarin with English and Chinese Subtitles

跨年夜晚,一个走错公司的菜鸟,竟意外卷入了阳光电台的倒台危机!唯一能拯救电台的台 长,却意外被反锁在储藏室里……破产的电台、来复仇的邪教团体、各怀心事的疯狂DJ们、一紧张就会呕吐的菜鸟。拯救电台大作战,就此展开!反正是今年最后一天了,还能发生什么事?没想到,新的问题……马上又来了…… 。

On a serendipitous New Year’s Eve, a young interviewee lands a position at the wrong company and encounters a series of quirky events. The only person who can save this miserable situation is locked in the storage room. A radio station facing bankruptcy, an evil cult out for revenge, a gathering of crazy DJs, a new battle about to begin, we thought all the year’s problems will be resolved before the clock strikes 12-midnight, but with a New Year, come New Problems.