Rachun Dunia (1950)

  • Melodrama
  • 1h 45m

“Keluar kau berdua, balik ke dunia kau yang hina, ke tempat yang asal!‘’ dialogue by Osman Gumanti as Jamal

Rachun Dunia, is a melodrama produced in 1950. It tells a story of a happily married couple, Jamal and Aminah who were blessed with a daughter. They lived with their father, Tuan Kamal, the owner of a natural rubber business.

However, things began to change when Jamal started to befriend Harun, who together with Aishah conspired to cheat Jamal of his wealth. Harun would influence Jamal to enjoy the outdoor life while Aishah would seduce Jamal until he neglected his family.

Jamal started to fall for Aishah and behaved differently towards Aminah and their daughter. He intends to marry Aishah even with his father’s disapproval. Tuan Kamal was so upset that he dispels Jamal out of the house. Tuan Kamal died shortly after, but not before all his property were handed over to Aminah.

Aminah was heartbroken with the demise of her father in law and her husband’s decision to marry Aishah as she was totally devoted to her family. When Jamal pleaded for Aminah to transfer the property back to his name, she was willing to do it provided that she and their daughter would stay together with Jamal and Aishah, who on the other hand, had already planned to evict Aminah and her daughter once she takes control of the household.

What would eventually happen to Aminah and her daughter? Would Jamal ever realized the wicked plans of Harun and Aishah?


B S Rajhans



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