Penarek Becha (1955)

  • Melodrama
  • 1h 50m

“Ingatlah Amran, tiap-tiap manusia berhak gembira!” dialogue by Saadiah as Azizah

Penarek Becha, a directorial debut by P Ramlee produced in 1955 tells a story of a forbidden relationship between a noble trishaw puller, Amran and the kind daughter of a condescending rich man, Azizah. However, their romance gained the resentment of Azizah’s father, Marzuki.

Marzuki, instead wrongfully trusted Ghazali who had a bad intention of seizing his wealth. He tried to captivate Azizah by discrediting the poverty stricken Amran and did everything to try to break them apart. Yet Amran persevered.

At last, Ghazali made the mistake of injuring Amran’s mother while struggling with Amran and had to seek refuge in Marzuki’s house. Since his request for money was rejected, he forcefully demanded that the safe in the house be opened.

Will Marzuki finally see the ”other side” of Ghazali? Will love triumph for both Amran and Azizah? …..


P Ramlee