Nujum Pa’ Blalang (1959)

  • Comedy
  • 2h 0m

“Tok, Bapak saya cakap, dia tak ada di rumah!” dialogue by Bat Latiff as Blalang.

Award - 7th Asian Film Festival, Tokyo (1960) Best Comedy

Nujum Pa’ Blalang, a Best Comedy in the 7th Asian Film Festival was produced in 1959. Directed by P Ramlee, it is a story about Pa’ Blalang who loathes hard work and his young son, who is not only industrious but smarter than his father.

Their hilarious adventure began when Young Blalang encountered two thieves after a hard day’s work. Young Blalang used his wits to scare off the thieves and hid the stolen cow and goat. He suggested to his father to pretend to be an astrologer so that they can claim a reward.

The thieves strike again, this time at the royal palace. King Shahrul Nizam proclaimed that anyone who could retrieve the stolen items would be greatly rewarded. Pa’ Blalang was brought to the palace to help recover the stolen property using his “psyhic” powers. He began to panic as he knows he will not be able to fulfil the king’s orders. Following Young Blalang’s suggestion again, he proceeded to hide in a cave.

While in the cave, he overheard the thieves trying to divide the loot among themselves. He managed to scare the thieves away and inform King Shahrul Nizam on the whereabouts of the stolen royal property. The King is so pleased that Pa’ Blalang was appointed the “astrologer” of the State. The King’s daughter, Puteri Bujur Sireh have also taken a liking to Pa’ Blalang.

One afternoon, the ruler of a neighbouring kingdom, King of Masai visiting King Shahrul Nizam challenged him to a game of riddles. The newly appointed royal astrologer was again tasked to answer the riddles.

This time, Pa’ Blalang was fearful as the loser will have to give up their territories to the victor. With the kingdom at stake, will Pa’ Blalang be able to answer the set of riddles accurately?


P Ramlee