Masam2 Manis (1965)

  • Comedy
  • 2h 0m

“Cikgu nak pecah dinding ke, nak sambung dinding ke, nak bengkok dinding ke, sewanya kira dua juga Cikgu ye!” dialogue by Minah Hashim as Mak Minah

Masam2 Manis, is a romantic comedy produced in 1965. It tells a story of a couple who were involved in a romantic relationship unknown to each other that they were the same two bickering neighbours in a boarding house.

Sha’ari, a teacher by the day moonlights as a musician at night. A young woman who works as a singer in a night club named Norkiah rents a room next to his and as the noise while shifting the furniture, disrupted his sleep, Cikgu Sha’ari started to yell at her. This ensued both to indulge in a heated argument that sparked an episode of daily squabbles between them ironically without even having to see each other’s faces!

Coincidentally, one afternoon, Cikgu Sha’ari helps Norkiah retrieved her stolen purse on a bus. They were attracted to one another and introduction began. However, Norkiah had to lie that she is also a teacher at a cookery night school. They met occasionally thereafter, resulting in both falling in love, yet unaware that they were neighbours.

Eventually, after an evening of their usual petty quarrel, with Cikgu Sha’ari drenched by a pail of water, they both realized, they have been living next door of each other all this while. Both were equally shocked at first but as soon as they started to recall their experiences, they burst out in laughter instead.

Cikgu Sha’ari and Norkiah were married soon after. Sadly, their joy as a newly wed couple were shortlived due to Cikgu Sha’ari’s discovery of his wife’s “actual profession”.

What would Cikgu Sha’ari’s reaction be and what would the consequences be for Norkiah?


P Ramlee



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