City Dream 城市梦 (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 43m

LuMo Road, a busy street in downtown Wuhan. In the past 14 years, there have been conflicts of interest between hawkers and city managers. Tiancheng Wang is a 70-year-old cerebral apoplexy patient, his wife and his son are disabled person. The only thing that makes them happy is their granddaughter, Pingping, who is in junior high school and is healthy and cheerful. The family had a hard and uneventful life. Until one day, when LuMo Road was planned to be a “jewelry street” in accordance with the city’s development plan and needed to be completely cleared of all street vendors. Strict enforcement of the city management to run over the street vendors? Or is it the “King of Stalls” that nails the city center? The original ecological story of the fight to the death between the city managers and the hawkers, the real process of conflict and interaction between the government and the people. The story is about the ‘city dream’ of Chinese people. You, me and him could be the ‘Tiancheng Wang’.




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