Beyond the Dream (幻爱) (2019)

  • Romance, Thriller
  • 1h 59m

Tickets are limited to the first 300.

The 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards: Best Actress, Best Actor


Lok (Terrance Lau) is recovering from schizophrenia and yearning for love. One day, he encounters the young and beautiful Yan (Cecilia Choi) and quickly falls in love with her. The moment he struggles to tell her about his illness, he has a relapse and becomes delusional. Little does he know that she is a psychological counsellor who has a hidden agenda. The pair develop a relationship that is beyond their wildest dreams.


English and Chinese Subtitles 中英字幕

Thank you for joining us for the #SCFF2020’s special Q&A session on 9 Oct (Friday) 7:30pm!

**The chance to “meet” Terrance, his 幻愛 Beyond The Dream co-star 蔡思韵 Cecilia Choi and Director Kiwi Chow!

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