Anak Bapak (1968)

  • Comedy
  • 2h 0m

“Kalau Cik Harun tak mau kahwin dengan saya, bayar hutang saya sekarang jugak!” dialogue by Ruminah Sidek as Cik Normah

Anak Bapak, produced in 1968 is another comedy film directed and starred P Ramlee. The story is about the hilarious life story of Harun, who works as a manager at his father’s rubber plantation business.

He is kind by nature, however, due to his extravagant lifestyle, he soon finds himself to be heavily in debt. One of his creditors, Normah, a nightclub singer is greedy of Harun’s wealth. Realizing that his savings were running out, Harun deceived his father, Dato Mahfiz by declaring his intention to marry.

Dato Mahfiz who lives away from Harun without any doubt sends him some money. Apart from paying all his debts, Harun also used the money given by his father to help his farm workers who were facing financial problems.

Funny moments arose when eventually Dato Mahfiz decides to visit Harun and his new “wife” when in true fact, Harun is still unmarried. He had to turn to his driver Salleh, for help, requesting for his wife to be on temporary loan.

Normah who actually knew of this secret tried to coerced Harun into marrying her. Will Harun give in to her demands or will Harun just confess to his father on his actual marital status?


P Ramlee