SCFF Short Films @ Kino 线上短片展:剧情短片集 (2020)

  • Short Film
  • 1h 9m

In Cantonese, Urdu, Mandarin, Hokkien and Hakka Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

The Poem of Pakistan 巴基之诗 | 2021

巴基斯坦裔香港青年Hamid以销售金融商品为生,在功利社会力争上游。他要抹去国家认同、抹去同乡情谊,一切看钱说话。一次巧合,Hamid听见以家乡乌都语写成的诗歌, 轻柔地吟念唤醒他沉睡的思念,在汇集各方旅者的东方之珠,Hamid找到重省自己身份的必要。

Hamid, a young Pakistani in Hong Kong works hard to earn a living as an investment broker. Later, he meets another young Pakistani, who loves Pakistani literature and leads him to reflect on his current way of life.


2021 Kaohsiung Film Festival 2021 Asian New Wave Award

Into The Greenworld 念念菸城 | 2020


A high school student who has lost his father is bullied at school while also being misunderstood by his mother. He decides to return to his father’s hometown to find the tobacco field that was painted in the torn painting he takes along on the journey.

Life of Lai 赖桑の黑色喜剧 | 2021

当人生到了尽头,你想留下什么?万年临演赖桑在片场待命时,突然接到医院通知身体检查异常的噩耗。说巧不巧,他即将上戏演出的角色,正是灵堂中央的一具遗体。面对 大限将至的种种迹象,赖桑开始认真起来,试着在眼前或人生的这场戏里,留下些什么。创作灵感来自生活,导演以此叩问一道一生一次的最终习题。

Mr. Lai, an extra in a film, wakes up coughing on the set and gets notified he is going to play a dead body lying in a coffin. Teased by other background actors and mistreated by the film crew, he finds a perfect way to lie in the coffin.


Mod Microfilm & Golden Short Film Contest 2021 Jury Grand Prize, ELTA Screenplay Award


Dialect, Chinese

Available Subtitles

English, 漢語

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