Inseparable Bros 나의 특별한 형제 (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 53m

Mentally challenged ‘Dong-gu’ (LEE Kwang-soo), and paraplegic ’Se-ha’ (SHIN HA-kyun) remains inseparable with each complementing what the other lacked. Though they are not biological brothers, they’ve lived and helped each other for over 20 years till one day their assisted living facility ‘House of Responsibility’ becomes on verge of shutting down when the pastor who owns it passes away.

Without any donations or funding, the brothers and other disabled facility mates face the reality of getting dispersed to other facilities. To keep House of Responsibility running, Se-ha executes a scheme to bring in some money in exchange for giving away volunteer hours to students and anyone looking to pad their resumes. He also gets Mi-hyun, who was recently let go from her part-time job at a local pool, to become Dong-gu’s coach so that he could compete at swimming tournaments and win prize money.

But the hope of staying together doesn’t last long as someone who claims to be Dong-gu’s mother comes forward.

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Yook Sang Hyo



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