Fresh Wave Short Film Showcase 鲜浪潮短片精选 (2018)

  • Family, Drama
  • 1h 22m

The Bridge 白沙堆

In Cantonese Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

Lai-sing, full of aspirations as a journalist, lives in Hong Kong with his sister Kei-mei. Their parents have lived in Hainan since their retirement while Uncle Guoyou lives in Shenzhen. The family is separated until the third anniversary of the death of Lai-sing’s grandmother. According to tradition, a monument has to be erected on this occasion, which prompts the family members to meet up. The reunion slowly unveils the indiscernible distances and intimacies built up over time. It is only through understanding and acceptance that they would cast aside their differences and show genuine care for each other.


busydoingnothing 忙于一事无成

In Cantonese Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

Life after university may be just dandy for people with passion and drive, but what happens if you are aimless, dreamless and hopeless? With no goals or ambition in life, a fresh graduate believes that she is an oddball destined for mediocrity. Her perfect solution is to be a slacker and to work part-time at a “12-dollar” store. Unfortunately, the mundane life and wacky colleagues just add to her melancholy. The array of eccentric characters at the discount store speaks volumes on how the new generation perceive their less-than-rosy future.

大学毕业,然后呢?可以继续拥抱梦想和热情,固然可喜可贺。然而「一事无成」,也许才是你我他的心声。刚告别大学生活的她,满脑子疑问和感慨,自觉平庸,深感难以融入社会,相信在12 元店兼职才是完美出路。无味的生活、三尖八角的同事、难搞的客人……12 元店内,众生相光怪陆离,笑中有泪,道尽新生代的虚空。

Eternal Sunshine 光

In Cantonese Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

For years single parent Mei Chun has been raising her mentally handicapped son, Ray, on her own. She is used to the challenges as an around-the-clock caregiver of the grown-up son. While her patience may wear thin at times, she remains tender and has formed a strong and unique bond with Ray. When a sudden sickness strikes, however, Mei Chun is burdened with a difficult decision. The night falls, but will dawn come? Hui stars as the loving mother who faces her dilemma with stoic resilience in this compassionate short directed by Ho Yuk-fai, winner of Best Cinematography at the 13th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival.