A Witness Out of the Blue 犯罪现场 (2019)

  • Thriller, Crime
  • 1h 43m

In Cantonese Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

A man is found dead inside an apartment with a strange noise, “Help! Help!”, next to the body. Detective Larry (Cheung) arrives at the scene with Detective Charmaine (Ngan) and his commanding officer Yip Sau Ching. Sau Ching is convinced the deceased, Homer Tsui, was killed by his partner in crime, Sean Wong (Koo) after fighting over how to split up the loot from an armed robbery. But Larry soon learns that the case is more complicated than they had imagined. Their only hope in cracking the case lies in the not-so-human witness left at the scene of the crime—a talking parrot.