A Life in Six Chapters 萧军六记 (2022)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 36m

In Mandarin and English Language with English and Chinese Subtitles

A Life in Six Chapters is Louisa Wei’s latest documentary, devoted to the writer Xiao Jun. It can be seen as part of a series of works beginning with Storm under the Sun on the Hu Feng Affair, and includes documentaries on Wang Shiwei, the cultural critic who became one of the first intellectuals to be purged by Mao in the Yan’an period; and the writer Xiao Hong, who after a six-year common-law marriage to Xiao Jun eloped to Hong Kong, where she died a tragically early death.

本片围绕着左翼作家萧军起伏跌宕的人生,呈现了他所经历的二十世纪的中国。萧军一直秉承鲁迅精神,不愿为任何政治党派左右。抗战期间,他在延安结识了毛泽东、周恩 来、陈云、彭真等中国共产党高级领导人,但本人却一直未入党。本片透过导演从2003年至2020年之间对很多文坛名家所作的访谈,采纳萧军本人1980年所作四次公开演讲 的录音做旁白,让观众能够聆听他的声音。同时,影片跟随萧军萧红的旅程,呈现了1920年代末的东北,1930年代的哈尔滨、青岛、上海、武汉、临汾、西安、兰州,1940年代的 延安、香港、沈阳,以及1950至1980年代北京的景象,展示了超过半个世纪的历史画卷。



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